About Kiddo Cool

Kiddo cool was conceived in 2018 August and its main mission is to restore our young people’s confidence. Research has shown that children from the age as early as 6 years can have foul body odour due to poor hygiene. Most parents are helpless due to the fact that there aren’t many products on the market especially formulated for the younger age group and the products that are available for the older age group are mostly too harsh for their delicate skins and will cause irritations or even burns.

Body odour can put a social burden on the self-conscious teens who are afraid of being laughed at and sticking out from the crowd. A child who is active, involved in sports, partakes in activities or simply prone to sweating will need to follow a hygiene routine. This is a problem that Kiddo Cool seeks to solve.

Puberty also brings a physical transformation for your pre-teens. Therefore, it is very important that you introduce hygiene products to your child at an early age. We want to give our teens a joyful, fun stage of growing up and not have to resort to missing out on activities because of personal hygiene.

Kiddo Cool is an anti-perspirant that masks your child’s body odour and doesn’t contain aluminum, parabens, or other toxic ingredients. Kiddo cool does not contain the harmful ingredients that are used by other brands in order to fully stop perspiration, our products are focused on controlling your child’s body odour instead.

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