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Kiddo cool was conceived in 2018 August and its main mission is to restore our young people’s confidence.

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Research has shown that most parents are helpless due to the fact that there aren’t many products especially formulated for pre-teens and teenagers, and the products available for the older group they are too harsh for the skin and causes irritations or burns.

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Body odor can be a social burden to teens who are self-conscious and afraid of sticking out from the crowd. At the same time they might not always be aware that they have a problem with personal hygiene. A child who is active, involved in sports or prone to sweating will need to follow a hygiene routine. This is a problem that Kiddo Cool seeks to solve.

Some young people are more aware than previous generation of their hygiene and we want to encourage parents to instill good hygiene habits in their teen today! Puberty also brings a physical transformation for your preteen.

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